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Certificate in Managing Quality and Improvement

The CERTIFICATE IN MANAGING QUALITY AND IMPROVEMENT program is designed for supervisors and staff tasked with contributing to the management of quality within the work team.


Comprising 5 courses and 100 hours of learning, the program provides comprehensive training in a wide range of skills and knowledge areas required to help you meet the quality needs of your customers, and contribute to quality improvement programs in your organization.



FEES: £285 (BUY NOW for £199.00 if paid up front). This fee includes enrollment in all 5 courses, and tutor support throughout your program.



On selection of the installment option for your program, you will be directed to the secure PAYPAL Portal and can pay for your course using a credit card. On payment, you will receive a login to your program.


Please read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before purchasing your program.


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Program Content

This program comprises the following courses:

Understanding Quality Management

Unit 1: Getting Started
Unit 2: Understanding Quality
Unit 3: Understanding Quality Standards
Unit 4: Understanding ISO 9001
Unit 5: Customers and Quality
Unit 6: The Costs of Quality
Unit 7: Total Quality Management
Unit 8: Quality Awards
Unit 9: Benchmarking
Unit 10: Implementing Quality
Unit 11: Wrapping Up

Business Improvement Techniques

Unit 1: Getting Started
Unit 2: Understanding Continuous Improvement
Unit 3: Understanding Processes
Unit 4: Process Variation and Control
Unit 5: Understanding Kaizen
Unit 6: Improving Processes
Unit 7: Lean and the 7 Wastes
Unit 8: Problem Analysis Tools
Unit 9: Causal Analysis Tools
Unit 10: Analyzing Possible Solutions
Unit 11: Implementing the Solution
Unit 12: Wrapping Up

Solving Poblems at Work

Unit 1: Getting Started
Unit 2: The Problem Solving Method
Unit 3: Problem Recognition and Definition
Unit 4: Gathering Information
Unit 5: Understanding Causes
Unit 6: Improving Processes
Unit 7: Generating Solutions
Unit 8: Analyzing Possible Solutions
Unit 9: Selecting the Best-fit solution
Unit 10: Analyzing Risks
Unit 11: Implementing the Solution
Unit 12: Monitoring Progress
Unit 13: Wrapping Up

Foundations in Lean 6 Sigma

Unit 1: Getting Started
Unit 2: Understanding Lean
Unit 3: Understanding the 7 Wastes
Unit 4: Understanding 6 Sigma
Unit 5: Understanding Kaizen
Unit 6: The Toyota Way
Unit 7: Lean 5S and just in Time
Unit 8: Lean Tools
Unit 9: Planning Lean 6 Sigma Improvement
Unit 10: Wrapping Up

Leading an Improvement Team

Unit 1: Getting Started
Unit 2: Defining the Effective Team
Unit 3: Setting-up the Improvement Team
Unit 4: Planning with DMAIC
Unit 5: Developing the Team Work Plan
Unit 6: Managing Risk
Unit 7: Assigning Work
Unit 8: Communicating the Work Plan
Unit 9: Monitoring Progress
Unit 10: Reviewing your Leadership Effectiveness
Unit 11: Wrapping-up



There are no formal entry requirements for this program. Candidates will be working in, or preparing for work as a first line supervisor, team leader or manager.




Learners have 3 months from the date of enrolment to complete the Certificate Program. On commencement, you will have access to your first course. Your second course and subsequent courses will be available every 14 days.




Assessment in this program takes the form of Online-quizzes (normally 3 in each course). Each quiz has a passmark of 70% and you can take the quizzes as many times as you wish.




Candidates can elect to upgrade their Global Certificate to an ILM Qualification by completing written assignmenst for each course in the program. Contact us for more information.

CERTIFICATION: Global Management Academy Parchment Certificate (mailed)

DELIVERY: On-line with email, skype and phone support as required.

RESOURCES: Downloadable Learners manuals for each course, additional articles, workbooks and worksheets.



You can view an extract of this program by clicking on this link and completing the preliminary enrolment details. Access is enabled for 7 days.




Please contact us on the following phone number with any questions:


+44 (0) 28 90640231


Please also use our contact form.



Global online courses are IPAD and ANDROID tablet and mobile phone compatible.


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